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Developing Frontline Leaders to support your journey to Operational Excellence


"If you’re Frontline Leaders aren’t properly trained and effective, everyone else in the leadership structure needs to work down a level"

In the Mass Production days before the concepts of Lean Production were exposed, we had Leading Hands or Line Specialists who tended to be the best Operator in the area that others would go to for assistance. They were typically responsible for ensuring the set-ups or changeovers were done properly, and spent most of their other time operating the plant or showing new Operators how to operate the plant.

Since then, the Lean Production approach enforces that Frontline Leaders should play a more pivotal role in both Reactive Improvement and Pro-active Improvement while management ensure a Stable Production or Work Plan through Flow Logic so as to create an environment where the Frontline Leader can focus on Operational Excellence Thinking without the disruption of the fire-fighting associated with unexpected Production or Work Plan changes.

There are some key aspects of Operational Excellence Thinking that need to be understood and practised by Frontline Leaders, and this booklet will help you to develop your Frontline Leaders to be able to engage them in Operational Excellence Thinking. Learn more before you buy... view the 'Contents Page'.

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