Our Services

We pride ourselves on assisting clients to generate rapid returns on their improvement investment with many clients achieving initial payback within 3-6 months and ratio's of greater than 10:1 within 2-3 years.

Most importantly, our approach focuses on the 'how' rather than just the tools, and incorporates on-going continuous improvement focused on the development of all your people to ensure the learning is embedded, resulting in sustainability of the gains achieved.

We are a Registered Training Organisation for Cert III & IV in Competitive Systems and Practices and are able to recognise your personnel as they progress your strategically driven improvement journey with either units or a full qualification rather than just providing training and projects.

We also provide:

  • CI Leadership / Instructors Program to develop your in-house capability (over 350 people from 79 companies have successfully completed the program and brought great benefits to your respective sites)
  • 5 Level Milestone Excellence Award to benchmark your progress towards your Improvement Vision for Operations Excellence
  • Membership Base to promote networking and sharing of learnings
  • Annual Forum and Team Competition to share learnings and recognise teams
  • Availability of Government Funding from various options including RTO capability
  • An extensive range of Public & In-house Workshops to support your journey to Operations Excellence
  • Monthly complimentary E-news Articles & Webinars to keep you up to date with new learnings