About CTPM

Established in 1996, CTPM is a team of Continuous Improvement specialists who assist and coach companies to get the most from their people, equipment and processes.

Our Head Office is located in Wollongong NSW supported by satellite offices in Mackay, Sydney, Melbourne and Whakatane in New Zealand. We also have partnerships in Indonesia, Thailand and China to assist in servicing our international clients.

Our methodology has been specifically developed to support the Australasian workplace.

Our expertise is in assisting clients to establish a structured, yet flexible approach to on-going continuous improvement that integrates all the improvement activities and provides a disciplined approach through the progressive engagement and development of all their people, to ensure sustainability and rapid bottom-line results.

We believe once you have everyone involved at least 5% of their normal work time each week on strategically driven on-going continuous improvement activities, you will be well on your way to unleashing the full potential of your people, equipment and processes so as to significantly increase productivity and reduce costs.

We have successfully assisted our clients to:

  • Strive for Operational Excellence through the application of TPM & Lean
  • Learn to use Overall Equipment Effectiveness and Lead Time Reduction as improvement drivers
  • Engage Operators to Care for their Equipment and Workplace so as to enhance performance and reliability
  • Introduce Flow Logic, starting with the Dominant or Green Product streams, to stabilise the production plan and stop the firefighting throughout the Supply Chain
  • Create the Visual Workplace to identify problems at the earliest possible time
  • Reduce Changeover and Set-up times
  • Improve Maintenance Department capability
  • Use Prevention at the Source Design to ensure New Equipment and New Work Areas are 'user friendly' and up and running rapidly
  • Establish effective Daily Review Meetings that engage their people
  • Develop Root Cause Analysis capability at all levels
  • Reduce variation in processes to enhance Quality
  • Develop Frontline Leaders through on-going Continuous Improvement activities and focused training modules so Supervisors and Managers don't work down a level